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Radiographs from Sierra Dental Health: An Essential Part of Oral Health

Radiographs are interior images of your teeth and gums that your Sierra Dental Health dentist uses to gain better insights into your oral health. Dental X-rays, or radiographs, are used with low levels of radiation, and they help our team identify dental problems like impacted teeth, tooth decay, or cavities. We use only the latest and most cutting-edge X-ray technology to capture interior images of your mouth.

How Often do I Need Radiographs?

We recommend that most people have X-rays conducted every year, but some people will need them more often. If we’re tracking the progress of a dental problem or treatment, we’ll need to take X-rays more frequently. Also, we’ll usually take them on your first visit with us since this helps us get a clear picture of your oral health. In addition, children may need more X-rays than adults so that we can monitor the development of their adult teeth, and if needed, we can make adjustments to their teeth.

How Often do I Need Radiographs?

For these X-rays, one of our hygienists will ask you to bite down on a special piece of paper while they capture images of your mouth. These images allow our dentists to see how well the crowns of your teeth align, and this helps us check for cavities and signs of gum disease.

We conduct occlusal X-rays to see how well your top and bottom teeth line-up. It’s done with your jaw closed, and it can help us detect anatomical abnormalities in your palate or the bottom or your mouth.

These X-rays show our dentists the entire mouth area. They help us check for wisdom teeth or jaw problems and help us plan for dental implants. Our X-ray machine rotates around the patient’s head to capture these images.

These radiographs show the whole tooth from the crown, to beyond the root, to where the tooth meets your jaw. They help us detect problems in your root structure or surrounding bone structure.

What to Expect?

If you’re visiting our office for the first time, it’s likely that we will take X-rays of your mouth. This helps us get a good idea of your oral health and lets us know if we need to recommend any treatment beyond your routine cleanings and check-ups.

Our highly experienced hygienists make sure you are comfortable throughout the radiograph process, and they work quickly and efficiently. After our hygienist takes your X-rays, our dentist will review them and let you know if we need to treat any problems with your dental health.

If you are due, or past due, for a dental exam, you should schedule a dental check-up with us at your next convenience. You can schedule an appointment online or give us a call. We’ll be more than happy to help you with any of your dental needs.